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Buenos Aires 1910 - 2010

Buenos Aires, 1910 – 2010 is a book of photographs of Buen..

Iguazu & the Jesuitic reductions

The beauty of the Waterfalls of Iguazú and the imposing rui..

El Teatro Colon - The Colon Theatre

This book is a guide of one of the biggest opera houses in t..

The Small Man on the Tile

Manuel Mujica Lainez’ short story in four languages: Spani..

My beloved Buenos Aires

This is a book with photos of Buenos Aires with explanations..

The Gaucho

The Pampa horseman was famous for his skills, his loyalty, h..

The Pampa

The book describes the history of the conquest of the Pampa,..

Evita, Life & Images

A book with excellent photographs about the life of Eva Pero..

Blau - Azul - Blau - Bleu

This book of photographs in blue is a real visual therapy. B..

Argentine Wines

This illustrated book, is about the history, the principal g..

Buenos Aires Panorama

This book contains panoramas of the City of Buenos Aires and..

Argentine Textiles

From the thread to the cloth. This book explains the differe..

Carts and Wagons

Folder with 12 photographs of 30 x 20,5 cm accompanied by a ..

Buenos Aires (English)

This book has excellent photographs of Buenos Aires and its ..

Argentine Passions

Argentine people are passionate, not only for tango and barb..

The Tango and the Bandoneon

The book is about the tango, its history, its musicians and ..

Ischigualasto Valley of the Moon; Talampaya

The beauty of the Waterfalls of Iguazú and the imposing rui..

Books about Argentina, its food, its wines.......

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