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Individual Placemat Azulejo

Our Azulejo placemats in red or turquoise make a stunning st..

Cushion Case Cactus Natural

Cactus here Cactus there ... Cactus everywhere!

Throw Blanket Cactus Natural

Cactus here .. Cactus there ... Cactus everywhere.

Individual Placemat Anthropologie

Beautiful placemat, showcasing flowers in both red and natur..

Cushion Case Plain

Intense plum , simple and elegant .. just a touch of color f..
$28.90 $21.73

Cushion Case Cautiva

Cozy autumn colors for this Cautiva throw

Cushion Case Marcas Beige Ebony

Showcasing the cattle brands used in Argentina.

Throw Blanket Weekend Turquoise

Friday, Saturday, Sunday ... Our Weekend throw invites all t..

Cushion Case Poema Ricotta

Recreating a beautiful love letter, this cushion is a great ..

Cushion Case Heloisa Plum

Youthful in turquoise, sky blue, purple and natural ... Love..

Individual Placemat Aguayo Red

Warm colors, ideal for Autumn

Table Runner Aluen

Simple flower and golden yellow design

Throw Blanket Amende Purple

Delicate, elegant, feminine

Throw Blanket Boho Chic Denim

Simple paisley in beautiful tones of golden yellow, pale gra..

Bed Runner Anthropologie Queen

Unique way to update your bedroom, the runner is not limited..
$117.00 $89.90

Bed Runner Mexico Twin

Traditional in eight earth tones or pastel, any will be a be..
$59.80 $44.90

Table Runner Cautiva

Great way to add warm autumn tones to a table setting!

Throw Blanket Anthropologie

Beautiful throw, showcasing flowers in both red and natural ..

Originated in Argentina, the brand HUITRU has been in homes and textile market since 2004. HUITRU was founded in the heart of the Pampa, Argentina; it was born out of the desire to create incredible quality bedding and home decor, showcasing Latin America. The HUITRU brand has been recognized for its focus on quality and exclusive design. It has a stunningly beautiful large range of textiles and décor, all of which are adaptable in their use. HUITRU throws are styled in homes in various ways, dressing it up – as bed runners and wall art – also as traditional use to decorate a piece of furniture or throw blanket for chairs or sofas. Unique designed table runners and cushions compliment the throw’s incredible versatility and create cohesion in the home and outdoor design. With patterns that are exclusive to the company, HUITRU products add color and elegance to homes and also inject personality to space – not only in their design but through the inspiration they provide to creatively use them. The comprehensive range of designs means that there’s sure to be a product in a style to suit your needs – from ethnic influences to contemporary patterns, modern, bold palettes to a conservative piece –. HUITRU is passionate about quality and style, a heart of artisanship and virgin materials ensures its products are enduring in their appeal. The colors and lifestyle of Latin America have long-inspired fashion and created new trends around the world. The current Latin inspiration influencing textiles and designs is sustaining this pattern – from fashion trends like tribal design to the current global focus on artisanship and sustainability ­– and as a brand HUITRU encompasses this all.

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We are on vacation until June 10th. Thank you for your patience.